The Decolonial Turn and the Humanities Curriculum: Prospects, Practice and Interventions

Future Africa Campus, University of Pretoria

July 10, 2019 – July 12, 2019

The “decolonial turn” (aligned to the broader concept of decolonisation) is a nuanced, layered and sliding signifier. Despite its conceptual slipperiness, the insights, debate and discussion that it spurs provides a productive framework for critiquing and thinking about the education transformation project. This takes two forms:

  1. The `epistemological' case in which decolonisation is seen as constitutive of reorganising and rethinking knowledge; and,
  2. The `historical' case in which decolonisation is seen as playing an unprecedented role in reviewing and reconstituting social relations and identities in contemporary society.


This international conference will investigate the ‘decolonial turn’ and explore how it produces new or different renditions of the Humanities Curriculum.


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